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A few weeks ago, the Laval court sentenced an “ordinary” man, unemployed and aged of 56 years, to a thirty euro fine for insulting the head of state after brandished, in August, a placard bearing the words "Fuck off slot" before the car of Nicolas Sarkozy. The prosecution Laval had prosecuted and required, initially, 1,000 euro fine explaining that "when you insult the president, you insult the institution” and if the accused did not intend to offense but only to give a lesson in politeness incongruous, he would certainly have preceded the phrase "Fuck off poor slot“, with something like: "we should not say fuck of poor slot!...."

This case is interesting because it leads to the following reflection

Wasn’t it our president himself who had used this famous phrase to a visitor during Agriculture exhibition in Paris, for the simple reason that he didn’t welcome him?
Therefore, it seems rather justifiable that the court of LAVAL claims for copyright fine rather than attacking our brave guy for offense!

Jean de la Fontaine has left this famous quote: "Depending on whether you are powerful or miserable, court judgments make you white or black"


It seems that nothing changes in this world! Should we understand that the ultimate function allows any verbal digression? Should we imagine that the word poor has something to do in there? Would we say "Fuck off rich slot"? Yep! Certainly not! Nonsense! So, is it the word “poor” which is coarse? Stop, no politics on the blog, it’s too much fun!

If you read the Thermo Team publications for some time, you know they often have an epilogue in the form of fable, moral or warning. You just read the fable, you need a warning!

Some of us will spend a few more months in our beautiful (but desperately sad and empty!) plant and will talk by phone or email with many interlocutors of the group. All of them want to give us good and by the way, they have closed our site for our good, which finally is the same in their minds as their well known credo is "What is good for the group, is good for you"

So here's a warning!

If you need to scream at any of your interlocutors something similar to "fuck off, poor slot”, remember that if your professional card doesn’t show a sufficient rank compared to these interlocutors who receive your statement in the middle of the face, you will have to prepare an immediate transfer of 30 euro compensation because no one can use without impunity coloured admonitions of our president.

Take care and salvation!

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